The Coaching Practice

“Everyone, without exception, has a vast potential for happiness and success, a potential that is all too often unexplored.  Your Life Coach awakens you to the amazing possibilities that you possess and shows you how to use them for the benefits of you, your family, your employer and your staff.”

“The real answers to achieving and sustaining high performance lie inside people.  Coaching is the interactive process that unlocks this potential. It helps people find from within themselves how to do solutions, it does not impose what to do solutions from without. The how delivers the real performance.”        Sir John Whitmore

Life Coaching

We use the GROW coaching model and variations thereof, and develop with the client a 9-step process to identify and achieve their desired outcome.  This is generally a ‘whole life’ approach and during the first session we aim to define your own Life Plan.  The Life Plan encompasses all areas of life including Career, Finance, Health, Social, Personal Growth, Family, Fun and Recreation.  The Life Plan allows the individual to define their Values and Principles and determine what is truly important to them and where they want to go.  We then set specific goals in each area according to the client’s priority, and work towards the achievement of the desired outcome.

Where the client has a specific issue to address, whether business or personal, the coach helps the client to clarify the issue and choose the best solution.  This is a very focused approach and allows for specific actions to be determined and followed through.

The Coaching Process

The first session is usually 1 – 2 hours and is exploratory in nature, allowing the coach and client to get to know each other and build trust.  The client will have assignments to complete between each additional weekly session to enable them to move forward to achieve the desired outcome.

The initial process is 6 x One Hour sessions once a week.  (Excluding the first exploratory session)  The Coach is available for telephonic support or additional sessions as required.

There is pre-work in the form of a questionnaire to assist in setting the parameters for the first session, and additional course work for the client to complete throughout the process as necessary.